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Tips for a Stronger Marriage


Acting Your Way Into a Feeling

Have you ever heard, “It’s easier to act your way into a feeling, opposed to feel your way into an action?” Working with couples who are struggling in marriage, I often hear things like I simply don’t feel like extending blessings or serving my spouse according to their love language.”  


Attitudes Shape Actions

Studies have shown that people who project an overall positive attitude tend to be more physically active than those with negative dispositions? Active people also demonstrate more confidence and tend to be more proactive in dealing with situations and managing relationships.  


Complaining and Expectations

A wise friend once told me that along with almost every complaint, you’ll find an expectation. Our expectations are founded in our beliefs and they serve as standards for our behavior and how we attribute the behavior of others. Complaining makes the claim that our expectations have been violated, and by verbalizing our perceptions, we can somehow obtain a more desired outcome.