Take your Connect Assessment®

Every individual is born with a specific personality. You were born with a unique set of personality characteristics that have been shaped and molded over the years by various environments and meaningful relationships. Today, these characteristics greatly determine how you tend to interact with others around you and how you attempt to manage your environment.

Your Connect Assessment® will include multiple sections tailored to your unique personality profile, including the following elements:

  • Your Overall Personality Snapshot
  • Your Individual Strengths
  • How You Tend to Make Decisions
  • How You Best Connect
  • How You Tend to Disconnect
  • Your Do's and Don'ts When Communicating
  • How You Prefer to Resolve Conflict
  • How You Tend to Respond Under Stress
  • Tips for Better Connecting with Others
  • Things to Consider

Your Connect Assessment® Personal Profile Report is designed to help you better understand your natural or core tendencies. It informs you as to how you are possibly adapting to manage your relationships and environments, all based on the answers you provide during a brief questionnaire.  

Our objective is to help you better connect by gaining more insights about yourself and others around you. We believe considering what you are about to discover in this report objectively can help you experience more enhanced relationships and more meaningful life.

Hopefully, you will discover a lot about yourself and even more about those you come in contact with consistently. Consider reviewing this information often and using it in discussions to help you better connect with family, friends, and co-workers. We also recommend that you retake this assessment every 12 to 14 months to examine how you might be maturing and changing your interactions with others.   

Take your Connect Assessment®