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Give help and hope to couples and their families.

Strong Marriages gives couples an effective and life-changing option to thrive in their marriage and changes their lives forever and their family for generations to come.

John and Karen Pecina's Story

“Karen and I graduated from Marriage Mentors three years ago. We are a blended family and have four kiddos from previous marriages. When we started as a Mentee couple, I was divorced, and Karen widowed. We entered our marriage with tons of baggage, and it wasn't long until we were arguing more than talking to one another.

I knew if we had the tools and could see what other healthy marriages looked like, we could follow their example. We learned of the Marriage Mentors ministry at our church. Our pastor paired us with incredible Mentors who helped us see what a healthy, strong marriage looked like and what and how we could do things differently. God healed our marriage, and we are no longer just surviving, but thriving in our relationship together, and more importantly, growing in our relationship with Jesus as a couple. Today we are training as Marriage Mentors! We are honored to pass along the tools our Mentors equipped us with, and we look forward to mentoring other married couples!”