Frequently Asked Questions

Is it imperative that we meet with a mentee couple every week?

Meeting weekly is best when the marriage of the couple being mentored needs deep enrichment or is in crisis. However, it is important to remember that Mentors are volunteers. Many mentoring spouses both work out of the house and many others also have children. Therefore, we emphatically recommend Mentors and Mentees meet together a minimum of twice each month. Reason being, when couples agreed to meet twice monthly, should a situation arise that causes the meeting to be canceled, it will be at least a month before couples resume on their normal schedule.

How long does the typical session last?

Typical mentoring sessions last 1 ½ to 2 hours.

We want to be mentored, but there is no program like this in our church. Where do we start?

The first place to start is with your pastor or your minister who oversees the Marriage and Family Ministry of the church. Once the connection is made between your church and Marriage Mentors, we will guide them through the necessary steps to train Mentors within your church.

Can the mentoring be used with a group of 2 or more couples?

A trained Mentor couple relationally transfers the Strong Marriages Marriage Mentors program with a Mentee couple using a discipleship process. This process allows the Mentee couple to discuss specific needs. Meeting with multiple couples can limit transparency, reduce the ability to address particular issues and conflicts, and requires more skill as a Mentor to facilitate the group in keeping them focused, engaged, and connected. 

Can this work with a non-Christian couple or individual?

We have seen many professions of faith over the years through the mentoring process. A non-believer will struggle to continue through the materials and process without faith in God. The curriculum, Devoted, is centered on the Bible and biblical concepts, and we believe firmly that God, through the Holy Spirit, is the changing agent in the mentoring process. A non-Christian couple can begin the process, but if they don’t see value in starting a relationship with God at some point early in the process, they probably won’t see value in the biblical principles taught.

How do you pair a mentee couple with a mentor couple?

Mentors and Mentees are paired by the ministry coordinators or staff of the church. Couples are usually paired by similar life experiences or personality traits and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Is it okay to match a mentee and mentor couple who already know each other?

It is okay to match Mentors and Mentees who know each other, but through communication with the ministry leadership both Mentors and Mentees are express concerns around pairing if a conflict of interests is apparent.

Our church is located in a small rural community. Is training available for us locally? If not, where is the closest location where we can send future mentor couples to be trained?

Marriage Mentors Training Workshops take place in multiple locations throughout the country, so it is possible for you to attend a location close to you. Contact us at for further details.