Marriage Minutes Expanded

Marriage Minutes are 60-second audio segments of marriage insights from Dr. Dewey Wilson, President and CEO of Strong Marriages. Each segment addresses at least one aspect of marriage from a biblical perspective along with ideas and practical suggestions for how to build and experience a marriage designed by God.

To get started, simply select and click on any of the topics located just to the right. Once you have been re-directed, you will find the one-minute recorded audio segment as well as an article that takes an expanded look at that marriage topic. Some of the pages will include a few questions designed to get you thinking about your marriage relationship. Almost every page will include a few ideas and suggestions that, when implemented, are proven to help spouses build and strengthen their marriage.

Lastly, we want you to give you a couple of free resources for you and your spouse. You can find information for downloading these free marriage relationship resources on the lower right-side of this page.

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