Marriage Mission Statement

 Written By: Dewey Wilson, Ph.D.


Almost every organization has a formal mission statement, which is basically a summary statement designed to communicate the purpose and goals of the organization. In more simple terms, a good mission statement will communicate to others what the organization is about and the direction they plan to go. 

Years ago, when we were creating a suitable mission statement for Strong Marriages, I did a little research and discovered the “Mission Statements” for many Fortune 500 companies. You know, those companies considered by most to be the biggest and best run in America. After reading a dozen or so, I remember I stopped reading because many of the statements read more like a chapter from a boring novel or a jingle from a radio commercial. While mission statements don’t determine the success or failure of an organization, they should represent the foundational values of the organization and serve as the benchmark for organizational members. I tend to believe good mission statements should also be brief and succinct. They should be easily memorized and easy to articulate when asked. 

In Joshua 24:15, Joshua declared that as for him and his household, they were going to serve the Lord. While some might see this as more of a declaration statement of Joshua’s beliefs, I tend to see it more as foundational and the beginnings of a great mission statement for his family. So how could we apply these thoughts and principles to creating a mission statement for our marriage? Here are a few suggestions. 

Consider beginning your statement using the words of Joshua - “We, ___________ and ____________ commit to serve the Lord in our marriage by:”. You will want to state a few of your core beliefs and values, as well as what you envision are possible outcomes. For example:   

  1. Believing that Scripture is the infallible word of God and without error.

  2. Believing marriage is a covenant relationship with God, designed by Him to be for life.

  3. Teaching and training our children the principles and promises found in God’s word.

  4. Demonstrating the love of Christ to our friends and family by consistently showing them our love and respect for each other.

  5. Consistently fellowshipping with others who share our beliefs, providing accountability and offering encouragement, as well as accepting accountability and encouragement when needed.

Hopefully, you get the idea for creating your own personal mission statement. Lastly, successful organizations seldom print the first suggested mission statement. The mission statement that finally becomes a part of their brand has been refined many times over. So, don’t become discouraged if you struggle to create yours. Take your time. You might even ask trusted friends and family for thoughts and ideas. Then, once you have your final mission statement, remember to revisit it from time to time, making sure that your stated mission still aligns with your current actions.

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