Jordan & Taylor

There was anger, loneliness, hurt and strife in our home. But through mentoring God blessed us with his healing hand.

Jordan & Taylor

“There was anger, loneliness, hurt and strife in our home and everything suffered as a result.” These are words spoken by Taylor about her marriage to Jordan prior to entering into a mentoring relationship. Like many couples, their marriage was near a breaking point when they began meeting with their mentor couple.

“God was not the place we turned to, but now we go together in prayer whenever we have a problem and even when things are going well, we thank God for his love and blessings.” As they learned to take their concerns to God, Jordan and Taylor have experienced the blessings of a renewed marriage and a restored love for one another. But it proved to be an arduous journey of letting go and trusting God.

“The mentoring process was difficult and painful, but with it God blessed us with his healing hand. It is like walking through the fire and allowing God to burn off everything bad so that healing can begin. Probably the most valuable part of the process was our mentors – we call them our Texas Mom and Dad. They held us accountable and loved us at the same time. They never gave up on us and neither did our Heavenly Father.”

Beauty from ashes, hope in despair, and two couples who walked through it all together. God is working in relationships like this one all across the country. Do you think there’s a need for more of them? So do we.

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