Ronnie & Nicki

We wanted to make a good marriage better.

Ronnie & Nicki

Because our mentoring process has been so successful at restoring the marriages of couples in crisis, a lot of people think crisis mentoring is all we train mentors to do. But frankly, every year many husbands and wives enter mentoring relationships desiring to make their good marriage better.

That’s exactly why Ronnie and Nicki Creel signed up to be mentored. In fact, both of them would tell you they had a strong marriage and a close friendship for many years. But they believed it could be better. They wanted to be married God’s way. They wanted to be discipled.

Before mentoring, like so many other Christian spouses, the Creel’s rarely, if ever, prayed together. Nor, did they immerse themselves in reading or studying God’s word. Today, they do both as a result of being mentored.

When asked what impacted them most, Ronnie replied he learned the importance of being the leader and as a result, he now assumes the spiritual and disciplinary leadership responsibilities in their family. Nicki says she learned how to let her husband lead their family. Both agree that their son has thrived under Ronnie’s leadership and his parents’ newfound closeness to one another and to God.

Ronnie and Nicki also told us they learned to communicate in a way they could hear one another. In the process, they learned to identify the triggers that had caused each of them to previously shut down.

The Creel’s were especially blessed by the conversations they had with their mentors. They could talk about anything and feel "safe" knowing their mentors had their best interest in mind. Both commented their mentors were not there to judge, but instead were committed to walk alongside them. The result? Ronnie and Nicki felt loved and like family.

The best advice Ronnie and Nicki say they received from their mentors was to pray for and with one another. To bless each other daily and just as a 3-chord strand of rope is not easily broken, a husband, wife together with Jesus can’t be defeated! Lastly, to ALWAYS focus on God.

Indeed, Ronnie and Nicki’s believed their marriage was good before mentoring. Yet, today it’s an example of a covenant relationship that honors God. “Mentoring was a blessing for us,” they say. “We wanted to learn what a Godly marriage was supposed to look like. We wanted to be strengthened and to draw closer to one another and to God. Mentoring is discipleship that improved our marriage and helped our family by teaching us our role as parents and how to communicate. We recommend this program to anyone and everyone. This is a blessing, so thank you for listening to The Lord!”

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